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Middle School Science Students - Use Requested of Their Graphics


  1. Middle school students have a science wiki set up and are collaborating in group. One group has done an outstanding job on bacterial cultures. Their information includes a slide presentation of bacterial cultures which are excellent. The wikis are used to present the information, including some slide presentations and graphics your students have created
  2. They have been contacted by another educator who wishes to use two of their graphics and will give credit to the middle school students by citing them as a reference. The students have worked in groups and have probably not been identified by name.
  3. What would be the proper response by the instructor and the students to this request?
Middle School Science Wiki

Appropriate Responses from the Classroom Facilitator to the Students

  1. Compliment the students on doing such a fine job that the larger learning community wants to use some of what they developed.
  2. Ask the students for permission, but encourage the students to allow the use of their graphics.
  3. Publicly praise the students in front of their peers, relating how these graphics were found by another teacher, and how they will be used on another wiki, adding value to another school's knowledge on this topic.
  4. Encourage the students to link their wiki to the wiki on which their graphics will be used.
  5. Make sure that student's work is shared but not their identities. All guidelines in the school's acceptable use policy and specific guidelines for this wiki need to be followed carefully.
  6. Since the teacher at the other school will know what school the students are from, the students in this group will be given a pseudonym to guard against any kind of identification; after all they worked in groups and may have only been identified by group numbers or group names.

Overview to Educate Parents and Facilitators about Common Concerns

Ages 11 to 14 - Appropriate Age Content for Middle Schoolers

Children this age are savvier about their Internet experience, but it's still a good idea to supervise and monitor their Internet use to help ensure they are not exposed to inappropriate materials. You can use Internet safety tools to limit access to content and Web sites and provide a report of Internet activities. Make sure children this age understand what personal information they should not give over the Internet.

When your kids are this age it might not be practical to physically supervise their Internet use at all times. You can use tools such as Windows Live Family Safety, Windows 7 Parental Controls, or Windows Vista Parental Controls.

Here are some safety tips to consider when you go online with your 11-14 year old:

1. It's a good idea to foster open and positive communication with your children. Talk with them about computers and stay open to their questions and curiosity.
2. Set clear rules for Internet use.
3. Insist that your children not share personal information such as their real name, address, phone number, or passwords with people they meet online.
4. If a site encourages kids to submit their names to personalize the Web content, help your kids create online nicknames that give away no personal information.
5. Use family safety tools to create appropriate profiles for family member and to help filter the Internet. For more information, see Windows Live Family Safety or Windows Vista Parental Controls.
6. Set family safety tools on the medium security setting, which should have some limitations on content, Web sites, and activities.
7. Keep Internet-connected computers in an open area where you can easily supervise your kids' activities.
8. Help protect your children from offensive pop-up windows by using the pop-up blocker that's built in to Internet Explorer. You can also help block pop-up windows that appear when you're not surfing the Internet with Windows Defender. Windows Defender comes with Windows Vista. If you use Windows XP SP2 or higher, you can download Windows Defender for charge.

Aged Based Guidelines


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