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Fun with Flickr and Google Earth: Creating a Virtual Field Trip of Ireland
World Geography
Grade 10

Objective: Students will enhance their understanding of Ireland by creating a virtual field trip using Flickr and Google Earth.

Assignment: This is a group assignment. After you have been assigned a group, please follow the directions below. Each group will be graded based on the Ireland Geography Rubric
  1. Create a Flickr account. Log into Flickr and follow the directions to create an account for your group.
  2. Search through the Creative Commons Section and choose three pictures that your group would like to use for a virtual tour.
    Make sure that you choose your pictures wisely. You will need to be able to identify the landmarks in each picture in order to get Google Map coordinates.
  3. Upload your photos to your Flickr account. Make sure that you give credit to the source. Follow the example citation: ES. (2005, September 24). The Video Game Booth. ES.’s Photostream. Retrieved January 30, 2007, from http://flickr.com/photos/electrospray/46118353/.
  4. To enable the Google Earth link, you will need to go to Google Maps and type in the name of the place or landmark in your picture. Google Maps will take you to a map showing the place that you are trying to locate.
  5. Next, click the "link" button at the top right corner of the map. A URL will appear giving you latitude and longitude information. This information can be located after the letters "ll" in the Google Maps address. (Example: ll=32.849483,-117.273328)
  6. Add a tag to your photo including this information. (Example: geo:lat=32.849483 for the latitude tag and geo:lon=-117.273328 for the longitude tag)
  7. Add a third tag named geotagged to your photo. You are almost ready to launch Google Earth.
  8. Your last step is to add the following statement, exactly as written, to the comments section on your Flickr photo page: Click on <a href=http://www.roblog.com/flickrfly.php>this link</a> to see this picture in <a href=http://earth.google.com/>Google Earth!</a>
  9. Click on your newly created link and Google Earth will launch (make sure you have Google Earth enabled) showing you a satellite view of where your photo was taken.
  10. Now that your photos are uploaded and Google Earth is enabled, your group needs to research each photo and compile a summary of key points about each picture. Why is that location important? Has it had any impact on Ireland's history? If so, how? Have any significant events occurred there? Your summary will be read orally in class as you move through each photo. All members are required to participate in researching and speaking.